About - Jan Damery for Mayor

About Jan

Calgary is full of opportunities, but Calgarians are hurting. It’s been a tough few years and we need the right leader who can bring people together to get us back on our feet. 

We need an economic recovery that includes everyone; we need good jobs; and safer, healthier communities. We need a leader who can build on the good things that are already happening, like the growing number of tech start-ups starting to scale, and who can fix the things that aren’t working, like delays and poor management on the Green Line and the Arena deal. I have a plan to create jobs, build an economic recovery for everyone, invest in safer and healthier communities, and put an end to wasteful spending while still protecting the services that Calgarians rely on. 

I am running to be the next Mayor of Calgary because I believe my experience and leadership can get us where we need to be.  I have a track record of getting things done on time and under budget. As a leader, I bring people together. I am an economist by trade and I’ve worked in the energy sector, the nonprofit sector, and the public sector. I have experience, but as an outsider to politics I bring a fresh perspective. I have a vision that includes every Calgarian and I want to hear all perspectives. Growing up closely connected to my family, I witnessed the devastation of job loss and the challenges of uncertainty.  I know how hard recovery can be when your future feels outside of your control. If I’m elected Mayor of Calgary, I won’t sit around and wait for other people to come up with solutions for the challenges we face. My plan will bring Calgarians together to create a roadmap to recovery that is our very own. Together we can make Calgary the best place to live, work, learn, and play.

Jan's Experience

  • Trained as an Economist at the University of Alberta and did a Masters at the University of British Columbia. 
  • Sessional lecturer in Economics at the University of Alberta. 
  • Analyst at the Alberta Department of Energy, co-led the Clean Air Strategy for Alberta. 
  • Decade spent working at TransCanada Pipelines, culminating as President of TransCanada’s Hot Taps Ltd. 
  • Led the United Way of Calgary campaign before travelling to East Africa as a director and organizer for the Aga Khan University. 
  • Vice President External Relations and Engagement at YW Calgary - on the executive team that led the $60 million YW Hub project that built a new home for single women experiencing homelessness, poverty, and isolation. This project was delivered on time, on budget, and with no debt. 
  • Facilitated and coached the leadership development of supervisors and executives in the mining, pipeline, telecommunications and distribution sectors at The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc.