Jan's Plan to Scale and Locate a Tech Campus in Downtown Calgary

Jun 14, 2021


Jan has a plan to bring jobs and revitalize our downtown. Jan will work with existing City and Post Secondary plans and champion a Tech campus downtown. 

Our tech sector is rapidly expanding, but we need more tech trained Calgarians to fill the vacant job positions. At the moment, there are more than 2000 tech-related job vacancies in Calgary and not enough tech-trained Calgarians to fill them. There is an appetite for tech companies and a demand for skilled tech workers, but we need to dramatically increase the number of Calgarians able to fill the tech skill gap. 

In partnership, the Calgary Tech initiative would graduate up to 1000 digital and STEM trained students each year and bring 4000 staff and students to Calgary’s downtown

Jan's plan will invest $200 million to repurpose empty office spaces downtown and reactivate vacant facilities, as well as operating funding of $30 million a year as student enrollment expands. Funding will be sourced from the Calgary Opportunity District.

Jan’s plan will give Calgary’s tech sector the added boost they need to fill the skills gap and put Calgary on the international map as a tech hub with highly trained citizens. This will attract more companies to Calgary, generating more jobs, and boosting our economy. It will also revitalize our downtown, transforming vacant spaces into a vibrant and thriving community for people to live, learn and work 24/7. 

Jan’s plan will bring jobs, enhance skills, and revitalize our downtown.

More information can be found here