Giving Calgarians Access to Outdoor Spaces

Jun 18, 2021


Jan will invest in our public places, enhancing the accessibility of walkways and cycle paths.

Due to the pandemic, it is apparent now more than ever how much Calgarians value our parks and public spaces. It is important that we have areas where we can walk, exercise and, when appropriate, gather together. The use of our public spaces has tripled in some areas over the course of the pandemic.

With this wonderful increase in use and demand, it is vital we ensure that there is space for everyone and that our public areas meet the needs and wants of Calgarians. 

We need safe travel around the city via accessible walkways and cycle paths. Much like other cities across Canada and the world, Calgary has expanded public walkways and cycle paths in response to the pandemic. This not only better connects our City, but it improves the health of Calgarians and provides the opportunity to get outside, something we have all come to value during the past year. 

We need to make spaces more accessible for all months of the year, increasing the number of walkways and providing additional snow clearing, while improving lighting and making pathways wider to allow more users to safely walk, cycle and get access to our public places.

In response to these needs, Jan will create a Space for People Permanent Fund, investing $5 million a year to create more space for people to safely socialize outdoors in busy areas, whether in parks, on sidewalks, and on multi-use lanes, while giving some stimulus to local business in these areas. 

Eligible projects would include:

  • Providing additional snow clearing. 
  • Improving lighting and sight lines.
  • Twinning multi-use pathways to separate higher speed users and pedestrians.
  • Making paths wider.
  • Reclaiming parking and road space for use as patios. 

During the past year, we’ve come to appreciate the importance of getting outside more than ever. The importance of getting outside is clear to everyone. Jan will invest in our public spaces, ensuring that they are accessible to all Calgarians and that we get the most out of our City’s many assets. 

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