Jan’s Jumpstart for Jobs - Restaurants and Live Music - Jan Damery for Mayor

Jan’s Jumpstart for Jobs - Restaurants and Live Music

May 17, 2021



Jan will create jobs and strengthen our local businesses by investing in industries and organizations worst affected by the pandemic. This is the first part of Jan's Jump-Start for Jobs plan which will reallocate $52 million. 

This has been a challenging year for everyone. Most sectors have struggled, but many are now seeing a way out. The economy is recovering, and due to provincial and federal funding, some businesses and organizations have been able to return to their pre-pandemic state of operations. Restaurants, however, have been left behind. When our restaurants thrive, it not only spurs our economy, creating jobs and accelerating economic recovery, but it boosts the vibrancy of our communities. After over a year of being shuttered, once it is safe to do so, we want to put the liveliness back into Calgary.

Provincial and federal funding has done a lot of good for many, but there are areas in need of an extra boost. Jan has a plan to provide that boost. Jan’s ‘Jump-Start for Jobs’ will create jobs, support local businesses, and accelerate our post-COVID economic recovery with a made-in-Calgary approach.

The first part of this initiative would provide incentives and support to fill Calgary’s empty restaurant spaces, while reviving Calgary’s live music scene.  

Some of these incentives include:

  • Lowering the barrier to entry for trialing new restaurant concepts and incentivizing the start-up of restaurants in under-used spaces. 
  • Providing additional funding to be split between landlords and restaurateurs to incentivize new permanent tenants who license and open a restaurant. 
  • Covering 50% of the cost of hiring live performance artists, which will attract Calgarians and visitors to Calgary’s bars, restaurants, and other music venues. 

Jan’s plan has received support from those in the performance industry:

“Nothing feeds our souls like the energy of live music - our gig musicians have had a tough time - this program will help to get the music playing again” - Kathi Sundstrom, Executive Director of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

“Before the pandemic hit, I said in this industry everyone was kind of treading water - now we are at the bottom of the ocean looking for a way back to the surface. Jan Damery’s plan will enable music venues like Broken City to not only return to financial viability - continuing to showcase Calgary’s diverse Arts and Entertainment to Calgarians much sooner after health restrictions lift - but also give a path forward to grow and evolve the scene for all Calgarians” - Andrew Brassard, owner of Broken City and the Texas Lounge

Jump-Start for Jobs will be funded from the surplus accumulated in 2020. 

We cannot undo the harm that individuals and businesses have experienced over the last year. But we can be a catalyst for a better future. Post-COVID, we must rebuild our economy, ensuring that local businesses have a chance to thrive and that our city is vibrant and accessible. Jan’s Jump-Start for Jobs is part of her made-in-Calgary plan to make sure Calgary is the best place to live, work, play, and start a business. 

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