Jobs, Savings, and Sustainability

Jul 22, 2021


Jan has a plan to generate 4,000 jobs, save Calgarians money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

We are at risk of owing $1.84 billion a year for our collective carbon liability as citizens, businesses, and as a result of city operations by 2030. The City has missed its targets, set more ambitious targets, but it has failed to act. The city can play a role in helping businesses and citizens reduce their carbon liability.  Jan has a plan that will get us out of this mess, not only saving us billions of dollars, but also creating thousands of jobs while reducing our carbon emissions and ensuring our economic recovery is sustainable in the long-term.  

Carbon charges will reach $50 per tonne in 2022, projected to increase $15 per tonne per year to $170 per tonne in 2030. This could cost Calgarians collectively $1.84 billion a year.  For the City operations alone, this is  $125 million a year liability—the equivalent of an 8% tax increase! 

We have the opportunity to create a path forward after more than a decade of saying the right thing but not acting to meet targets. Existing councillors like Jyoti Gondek, Jeromy Farkas, and Jeff Davison sat by while City Hall ambitions were not matched with the resources needed to achieve them. This means Calgary has missed out on local jobs for Calgarians, spent more money on carbon taxes, and has continued to miss climate targets. It also means future tax increases. 

Jan’s experience as an economist and  in the energy sector makes her the ideal leader to solve this problem. And Jan has a three-pronged solution: 

    1. Calgary Operations Emissions Utility Reduction (COEUR): Reducing the City of Calgary’s $125 million direct liability by spending $100 million to reduce emissions over 4 years, and by creating clear accountabilities for emissions reductions.
    2. ENMAX Net-Zero: Reducing Enmax’s climate liability and protect Calgarians’ investment.
      1. Meet its 70% emissions reduction by 2030 goal by requiring yearly updates on actions to date, current projections, planned actions, and projected actions to reach the 2030 goal. 
      2. Produce a Net-Zero by 2045 transition plan. 
    3. Calgary Climate Services: Providing Calgarians and businesses more tools to reduce their emissions, by connecting them to emissions reductions assessors, by connecting them to subsidy programs by other levels of government, by connecting them to contractors, and by providing $100 million of low interest loans secured by property taxes for improvements to buildings’ energy performance and low emissions mobility like E-Bikes. 

By the end of the decade, COEUR, Calgary Climate Services and supporting Calgary’s Climate Resilience Strategy will create 4,000 jobs and avoid an otherwise inevitable tax increase. 

As an economic leader, Jan has a wealth of experience in effective budgeting, and knows the importance of efficiency, accountability and transparency in ensuring that public dollars are spent wisely. This means investing to avoid owing billions of dollars in carbon liability. Jan’s plan will also get thousands more Calgarians into employment.

Jan will lead and act by showing that investing in reducing our climate liability creates jobs, saves money, and helps us meet our environmental goals as a city, province, and country.   

With the right leadership and a fresh perspective, we can save hundreds of millions of dollars a year, generate thousands of jobs for Calgarians, keep Calgarians’ taxes lower, reduce Calgary’s greenhouse gas emissions, all while ensuring we are compliant with Canada’s sustainability targets. 

This is part of Jan’s made-in-Calgary recovery plan and an overall commitment to generate 80,000 jobs by 2030.

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