Jump-Start for Jobs: $52.7 Million to Invigorate Arts, Tourism, Main Streets and Local Business - Jan Damery for Mayor

Jump-Start for Jobs: $52.7 Million to Invigorate Arts, Tourism, Main Streets and Local Business

May 26, 2021


Jump-Start for Jobs: $52.7 Million to Invigorate Arts, Tourism, Main Streets and Local Business.

Jan will create jobs, accelerate our economy recovery, and strengthen our local businesses by investing in industries and organizations worst affected by the pandemic. This is the second part of Jan's Jump-Start for Jobs plan which will reallocate $52 million. Through smart, targeted investments, we will invigorate our mainstreets, boost the vibrancy of our communities, and animate our public spaces.

Last week I announced the first pillar of ‘Jan’s Jump-Start for Jobs’, which will lower the barrier to entry for trialing new restaurant concepts, incentivize the start-up of restaurants in under-used spaces, and support our local musicians and performers who have been without a live audience for over a year. As I said last week, provincial and federal funding has done a lot of good for many, but there are areas in need of an extra boost. My plan will jump-start our post-COVID recovery with a made-in-Calgary approach.   

Today I am announcing the second pillar of this plan, which will provide additional support for arts and culture, festivals, job placements, tourism, main streets, and outdoor recreation. Following an incredibly challenging year for everyone, ‘Jan’s Jump-Start for Jobs’ will inject some much needed vibrancy back into our city. 

Jan's Jump-Start for Jobs will support arts and community organizations while providing space for local artists through the promotion of active street fronts and pop-up galleries. It will help marginalized individuals disproportionately affected by the pandemic find employment. It will give priority to pedestrians and patios in some streets, increasing access to our City’s many assets while boosting the vibrancy of our communities. By waiving parks fees for field rentals, trainers and fitness professionals who have been unable to operate for much of the last year, they will be able to host exercise classes outside in one of our many parks without the current financial hurdles. 

"As a past community manager and current artist and entrepreneur, I see the multiplier effect that municipal support for artists and arts organizations has in this city. Jan Damery's plan to jumpstart the arts sector has major potential to boost one of the most diverse, yet under-supported industries in Calgary" - Mackenzie Bedford, Local Artist and Entrepreneur

Some of the supports and incentives include:

  • Grants to voluntary organizations, community associations, and arts organizations. 
  • Support for artists and landlords to activate street fronts with art installations and pop-up galleries. 
  • Grants for organizations to provide 1:1 support to marginalized people who continue to be underemployed due to the pandemic to help them find employment, with the goal of providing 10,000 successful job matches over 18 months.   
  • Funding to tourism promotion organizations to help them promote the vibrancy of our city and encourage tourists to return when it is safe to do so
  • Grants to start-up businesses which will expand services to tourists and locals to explore Calgary, with some grants reserved for women, immigrant, and BIPOC-owned businesses.
  • Pilot ‘Little Streets’ where Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) could designate streets with lower speed limits where pedestrians have the right of way, making sure all Calgarians have access to and enjoy a pleasant retail experience. 
  • Waiving of parks fees for field rentals, including for outdoor bootcamps, fitness classes, and yoga.

“With the limitations to indoor and outdoor gatherings, continuing my fitness business through COVID has been a challenge. Jan’s plan to help fitness instructors cover costs as we are allowed to get back to business will facilitate my and other instructors’ re-entry into the world of in-person fitness. The benefits will be so appreciated by the industry and fitness go-ers alike” - Maddie R, Group Fitness Instructor

When it is safe to do so, Calgarians will want to gather together to celebrate their resilience over the past year. ‘Jan’s Jump-Start for Jobs’ will provide the systems and support that will allow them to do so, not only spurring our economy, but ensuring that Calgary is the best place to live, work, play, and start a business.

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Credit for the beautiful mural: NASARIMBA