Vaccine Passports: Keeping Calgarians Safe and Businesses Open

Aug 30, 2021

Today, I stood with Council candidates outside City Hall in support of my COVID response plan. Cases are rising. Children and education staff are going back to school. People are worried. We haven't seen proper leadership from City Council in responding to this crisis.   

City Council has been unable to secure the eight votes required to call an emergency meeting to discuss and pass new measures in response to rising COVID cases. I have been calling for the implementation of vaccine passports for over a month and today I gathered Council candidates in support of my plan. 

Right now we need to secure our recovery and prevent another lockdown. That means taking decisive action to increase vaccine uptake and protect people from the fourth wave without closing businesses. 

My plan would reinstate the mask mandate while increasing popular public transit routes to prevent overcrowding. My proposal would introduce proof of vaccination as an exemption to mandatory masking. Without proof of vaccination in an indoor public space, members of the public would not be able remove their mask, allowing only fully vaccinated individuals to enjoy gyms, dine-in restaurants and bars mask free.  

We need leadership that can bring people together and get things done. I’ve proven that I can do that. And it’s not something I’ve seen from other Mayoral candidates.

"I am confident that sustainable measures such as what Jan is proposing will help Calgary greatly in reducing COVID transmission. When we can reduce transmission, our economy has a fighting chance to remain open. This is not us vs them, this is us vs COVID" - Lori Masse, Ward 9 candidate.

Thank you to the following Council candidates for joining me today:

Kourtney Branagan, Ward 11

Lori Masse, Ward 9

Marilyn North Peigan, Ward 7

Erin Waite, Ward 7

Courtney Walcott, Ward 8

You can find more information about my COVID response plan here.