Generate 80,000 Jobs by 2030

Calgary needs an economic recovery plan. I have a plan to generate 80,000 jobs by 2030, making Calgary a magnet for business and opportunity. 

I will:

  • Create 4,000 green jobs by the end of the decade. 
  • Build a tech campus downtown, that will increase tech Grads +200% and STEM Grads +25% to fill our current skills gap.
  • Make it easier for local businesses to start, grow, and thrive by cutting red tape. 
  • Invest in sectors hit hardest by the pandemic, boosting entrepreneurialism. 
  • Champion a rail link connecting the airport, downtown, and Banff, generating 6,500 jobs. 

Make Calgary a Top Global Destination to Live, Learn, Work and Play

Our city is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, but I want to make Calgary a destination in itself. I have a plan to make Calgary a safe, vibrant, and thriving city 24/7. 

I will:

Include Everyone in Our Recovery 

I have years of experience bringing people together to get things done. I believe in people and the power of strong communities, and I will ensure that everyone is included in our recovery. 

I will:

  • Take meaningful action on climate change. 
  • Properly fund the mental health and addictions strategy
  • Invest in training, upskilling, and removing barriers - downtown and everywhere. 
  • Make it simpler to start and grow local businesses. 
  • Make sure there are affordable housing choices available. 
  • Connect people through transit, programs, and public spaces
  • Ensure our city is accessible to all by improving walkways, cycle lanes, and snow removal. 
  • Address the root causes of crime by ensuring proper access to mental health services, addiction services, and supportive living services for those without homes.
  • Ensure that no Calgarian is left behind by working to attract good, high-paying jobs; making our tax system more fair; reducing red-tape so businesses can start-up, grow, and expand; investing in affordable housing; and making our neighbourhoods safe, vibrant, and inclusive. 

I want to hear your thoughts on the issues that matter to you. Please reach out via phone, email, or by using the contact us form.