Economic Recovery

A City that grabs opportunities and generates prosperity for all

“We have all of the building blocks for a prosperous city. As Mayor, I will accelerate our journey to a forward-focused innovation economy by courageously removing barriers that are getting in the way”.

Calgary has the potential to be a city of world-leading prosperity, talent and innovation. We have the highest concentration of high-tech workersin any Canadian city, and the second highest concentration of small businesses in Canada. The pieces are here, but we need strong future-focused leadership that will strengthen our economy, generate employment, support local business, and drive innovation. I have a made-in-Calgary plan that will achieve all four by reallocating existing funds to support those businesses hardest hit by the pandemic whilst bringing jobs to our city. Read more about my Jump-Start for Jobs plan here

I stand for:

  • Supporting businesses, small and large, to generate prosperity and employment. 
  • Reimagining downtown as a place where Calgarians live, work, learn, and play
  • Removing barriers to business and transforming local government for speed, efficacy, and better ways of getting things done.

Diversity and Talent

A City that fosters civic engagement and city building by including and valuing everyone.

“There is a place and space for everyone who wants to be part of our renewal. As Mayor, I will be the bridge between diverse ideas and perspectives at City Hall, and will encourage civilized, informed debate that generates collective action”.

Calgary is a diverse and collaborative city. The skills, talents and diversity of Calgarians should be our most important asset in driving us forward and there is a place for everyone to be involved in our city’s renewal. I envision a city where no Calgarian is left behind. I will empower Calgarians, providing space for engagement at City Hall whilst encouraging civilized and informed debate. I believe in people and the power of strong communities. When Calgarians thrive, so does Calgary. 

I stand for:

  • Designing community with an equity lens. 
  • Civic engagement and two-way conversations. 
  • Making Calgary THE place for talent.  
  • Up-skilling anyone who wants to participate in the future economy.

Smart Financial Choices

A City that makes smart financial choices to sustainably deliver services that Calgarians rely on.

“We need to balance short and long-term financial decisions to ensure we can sustainably deliver the services and attractions that Calgarians want and need. As Mayor, I will take this holistic view and will bring the brightest policy and financial minds together to inform our plan”.

We need economic renewal guided by a clear vision which is informed by experts. With a background in economics and a wealth of experience in effective budgeting, I am able to provide value for money by ensuring responsible spending and improved services. It is important that we look to the future in developing enduring and sustainable economic growth and renewal whilst providing tangible improvements for Calgarians. As an economic leader with experience leading large infrastructure projects, I know the importance of efficiency, accountability and transparency in ensuring that public dollars are spent wisely and that Calgarians get the best value for the services they rely on. 

I stand for:

  • Budgeting with a clear line of sight to what we value. 
  • Speeding up approvals so business activity is not discouraged. 
  • Re-imagining our tax and revenue systems to drive long-term prosperity. 
  • Informing city planning decisions with life-cycle cost analysis to keep Calgary’s taxes reasonable long-term.   

Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods

A City that connects and improves our neighbourhoods and green spaces so Calgarians can be active and healthy outside.

“Public gathering places and green spaces matter. They improve our quality of life. As Mayor, I will promote urban design that is green, walkable, connected, safe, friendly, and vibrant”.

Calgary is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. This beauty should be available within our city limits as well. We need public spaces that are safe and accessible, and a city that is walkable, connected and vibrant. Due to the pandemic, the importance of getting out into nature is more apparent than ever. We can design our city to be liveable, convenient, and to enable us to make healthy choices which are accessible to all. As a community leader, and with a reputation for getting the job done, I will ensure that Calgary returns to one the top five most liveable cities in the world by protecting our public spaces and providing access to our city’s many assets. Read more about how I will improve access to our public spaces here

I stand for:

  • Building and maintaining public and green spaces that bring Calgarians together
  • Neighbourhoods with transportation choices and improved pedestrian streetscapes
  • Protecting our natural environment. 

Read more about my plans here.

I want to hear your thoughts on the issues that matter to you. Please reach out via phone, email, or by using the contact us form.