Speeding up Business Start-Up and Expansion - Jan Damery for Mayor

Speeding up Business Start-Up and Expansion

Jun 08, 2021



Jan wants to make it easier  to do business in Calgary. Calgary’s businesses are subject to outdated, confusing, and overly bureaucratic regulation. As a proven business leader, Jan wants to remove the barriers to starting and running a business, making it easier for our local businesses to thrive. 

Businesses waste valuable time and resources navigating city regulations, many of which are outdated or overly complex. The City has acknowledged this problem and created the Centre City Enterprise Area to save businesses time and money by streamlining the process for development permits and exterior alterations for a small area of the city. But this only fixes a small part of a bigger problem. And it inevitably makes things more complicated by adding a different set of rules for businesses to navigate, but only for part of the city. This doesn’t resolve the main problem: complexity for business. 

Despite knowing about this problem, and talking about protecting local business, the other candidates on Council have done nothing to tackle this regulatory complexity. Jan is the only candidate offering a practical solution. This is about more than being ‘business friendly’. Jan is going to act to make it easier for local businesses to start and expand. 

Jan will simplify this process by not regulating the things we like, such as business activity and investment. And only regulating the things we don’t like, such as noise, smell, off-hours traffic, and proximity of incompatible uses (such as adult businesses near schools). 

Jan will expand the Centre City Enterprise Area concept to the rest of Calgary and will undertake an ambitious regulatory reform project, simplifying commercial zoning and streamlining a new business licensing system. 

If we want our local businesses to not only survive, but to thrive, we need to remove the barriers that are getting in their way. This means dismantling our overly complex business regulation and rebuilding from the ground up. 

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