Here's what our supporters are saying:

"I've known Jan in a professional capacity for almost 10 years. I'm stepping up to support her campaign for Mayor because I know she has what it takes: Jan can take on big challenges, bring people together, build high-performing teams and lead ethically with passion. She does what she says she will do, and does it well!" - Chris McGinley

"Calgary’s recovery requires a balance of new economic and innovative initiatives while reducing carbon emissions and recognizing prosperity as an opportunity for all citizens. Jan’s business, not-for-profit, and international experience combined with her education as an economist offers our City the holistic and action-oriented approach necessary to tackling these challenges." - Marilyn Milavsky

"I think Jan would add great value to the city of Calgary. Hopefully you will win the race - you have 100% of my support." - Steve Letwin

"Calgary needs a mayor who is intelligent, responsible, kind and collaborative. They must be able to: work effectively and respectfully with their fellow councillors; strategically support our business, academic, non-profit and other government leaders to ensure our city is healthy and economically vibrant and also ensure that our arts, sports and cultural groups continue to have sufficient resources to provide enjoyment for all Calgarians. Everything I know about Jan Damery tells me that she is that person."Sharon Siebens

"I think the secret to Jan’s success is her collaborative mind and her ability to listen to wisdom. Stepping out into the political world from a balanced life and a good job is a huge move. I am behind her 100%. She is the change in leadership our city needs." - John Simpson

"With so many new faces on council this term, the ability to lead a diverse group is more important than ever. Our city desperately needs a Mayor who will listen to and work with others. Our city demands a mayor who understands complex issues and will work with council to find solutions. Our City deserves a Mayor who will work for all of us. Jan Damery will listen, will work with others and will lead our City into a better future." - Bev Longstaff

"Jan is the clear choice for Mayor in my opinion. These are challenging times - Calgary needs a Mayor that has a lengthy track record of pulling the right people together to solve major problems and be future focused, not one that has spent too long in a culture of inertia. The fact that Jan has a track record of significant accomplishments in the business and not-for-profit sectors - both locally and globally – makes her a standout." - Terry Allen

"I have known Jan for over 25 years and I believe she has the skills, experience, passion, drive and vision to serve as leaders for our city." - Kathi Sundstrom

"The difference that Jan brings is her track record. Her greatest leadership strengths are: bringing people together who may not share the same views, beliefs and expectations. She graciously listens without judgement to each person’s concerns, ideas and hopes and quickly takes action on providing significant solutions or getting back to individuals as soon as possible as to why she was not able to comply with their requests while offering other options; and getting promises achieved responsibly.Once Jan commits to delivering on her promises regardless of their complexity, to the best of her ability, Calgarians can count on Jan in getting things done responsibly."Jan Eden