YYSea: Calgary River Wave Park

Aug 10, 2021


You don’t need to go to the sea when you live in YYC. Jan will invest in a Bow River Wave Park

Imagine walking down the Bow River pathway and passing under the LRT bridge. Ahead of you there’s a young person on a surfboard, a person in a kayak, and a group on a raft, riding a wave in the river. On the shore, there’s an urban beach where families are lounging in the sun and making most of the local cafes and food trucks. There’s a new ramp for boaters exiting the water after a trip down the river. This is Jan’s plan. And it’s part of her bigger plan to revitalize our downtown and attract people to our city. 

“I love Jan’s vision for a vibrant Calgary waterfront. This investment will create a river recreation gateway to downtown Calgary that will be a tourism draw and lots of fun for Calgarians. A day of work followed by an evening on a river wave with friends and family is sublime” - Neil Egsgard, President of the Alberta River Surfing Association

“Calgary has the best watersport river in Canada. It is wonderful to see Jan Damery’s support for recreation on the Bow River and in particular, the Wave Park project” -  Mike Holroyd, Executive Director of the Alberta Whitewater Association.

Jan will invest $25 million from the Calgary Opportunity District.

The Wave Park will be a magnet. The park would be an instant destination for social media posts, showing what can be accomplished in Calgary: work and play in the same day. The park would be a touchstone on Calgary emerging confidently from years of challenges, and a sign of confidence in our collective future and the future of our city.

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